Commissions Accepted!

Or contact any of the galleries that represent the artist to discuss your specific needs, size, pricing.

An example of a commission created in 2013 for Jonathan Dimmock (a Grammy Award winner for his work with the San Francisco Symphony). The Dimmock Variation, Oil on panel, 24x48 inches.

Adirondack, oil on panel, 40x50 inches, commissioned by a couple from Dallas TX, 2013

Bijou Willow, 2014, oil/canvas, 60" x 48". Commissioned for the exclusive Oklahoma City home of Lisa Regean Love.

Amalfi, 2014, oil/panel, 54" x 48" Commissioned by a Green Energy CEO's home in Toronto.

Medonte, 2013, oil/panel, 30" x 30". Commission for a Montreal family home.

Crown Willow, 2014, oil/canvas, 60" x 48". Commissioned by Lisa Regean Love, Oklahoma City.

Trade Winds, 2015, by Robert Marchessault, oil/panel, 60" x 20". Commissioned for an excutive golf course home in Florida.

Sea Oaks, 2015, by Robert Marchessault, oil/panel, 38" x 38".  Commissioned for a beach home in Florida

Ile Cache, 2015, by Robert Marchessault, oil/panel, 30" x 40". Commissioned for an exclusive custom build Montreal home.

Tres Coronas, 2015, by Robert Marchessault, oil/panel, 30" x 60". Commissioned by a Montreal collector.

Varada, 2014, by Robert Marchessault, oil/canvas, 47" x 84". Vancouver Executive Board Room.

Still There, 2016, by Robert Marchessault, oil/panel, 40" x 46". A Santa Fe NM collector finally got her wish to acquire a bent tree painting with this commission.

Hortensia, 2016, by Robert Marchessault, oil/panel, 40" x 40". Commissioned for a Montreal art lover.

Sagawa, 2016, by Robert Marchessault, oil/panel, 36" x 66". A Toronto couple commissioned this variation of another similar tree but at the exact size they needed for their new home.

Tre alberi a Buona Terra, 2017, by Robert Marchessault,  oil/panel, 24" x 36". A New York City collector commissioned this painting depicting his father in law's favorite trees at their sea side home.

Beleza, 2017, by Robert Marchessault, oil/panel, 22" x 22". This commission was arranged by the artist's Montreal Gallery for clients with a specific size in mind.

Reverie, 2017, by Robert Marchessault,  oil/panel, 22" x 58". A New York City couple requested a tree with a "peach colored sky", this is their commissioned work hanging in their Manhattan condo.

Jericho, 2017, by Robert Marchessault,  oil/panel, 40" x 54". A Victoria BC couple requested a blossoming tree inspired by one they had seen at Jericho Beach, Vancouver BC.  This piece hangs over their living room fireplace.

South Verde, 2018, by Robert Marchessault,  oil/panel, 24" x 48". This Chicago area family owns a vacation home in the Scottsdale AZ.  They wanted a piece to celebrate the Sonoran desert for their golf course house. This is the second Marchessault they own.

Shallows,  2018, by Robert Marchessault,  oil/panel, 24" x 24". A Seattle professional purchased three paintings from my Santa Fe gallery, and wanted in addition a new work that combined two other previously sold paintings.  This is the result which the collector loves.

Three Crowns, 2018, by Robert Marchessault,  oil/panel, 23" x 54". A Montreal collector's father purchased an earlier version of this subject.  The collector asked for a variation to be created for his own home.

Quiet Bay, 2018, by Robert Marchessault,  oil/panel, 36" x 42". A Toronto collector had previously commissioned a painting of trees to symbolize his family.  Now they have commissioned a new work to hang in their Muskoka cottage home.  The image needed to show some Canadian Shield rock.

Ohso Island Revisited, 2018, by Robert Marchessault,  oil/panel, 30 x 30". A collector in Switzerland commissioned this as a birthday gift for her husband.  The painting is based on a previous depiction of Ohso Island that I did a few years ago.

Evening I, 2018, by Robert Marchessault,  oil/panel, 26 x 22". Part of a two panel piece commissioned by clients who renovated their home and asked for a new work in the same colour palette as a painting they had purchased in 2003.  The space was a narrow vertical wall in which the 2 panels are stacked.

Cantata for the Setting Sun, 2018, by Robert Marchessault,  oil/canvas, 70 x 264. This is the second Marchessault the collector and his wife have added to their Scottsdale AZ vacation home.

Roadside Attractions, 2019, 30x90 overall, oil/acrylic on panels.  This work was commissioned by The Omni Hotel in Dallas TX.  The hotel prides itself on presenting orginal art through out the building.


NM Jacaranda, 2019, 50"x70", oil on canvas, commissioned for an architecturally significant home in Santa Fe NM.

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