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About the artist

Paris 1991

Paris, 1991. Photo credit Teresa Cullen.


Born in Montreal, Quebec 1953

Married to the painter Teresa Cullen.

The artist's family moved to the USA in 1954, he grew up in Philadelphia and Syracuse NY.  He studied at Le lycée Fustel-de-Coulanges in Strasbourg France  (1967-68).  In 1970 he returned to Montreal and completed art studies at Concordia University (BFA 1978) where he met his wife and fellow artist Teresa Cullen. By 1980 they were living and painting in Toronto at a studio on King St W and Dufferin. A regular exhibition career began with the Gadatsy Gallery in Yorkville (1980-87), followed by a switch to Bau-Xi Galleries in 1988 where he is still represented.  Rising studio rental costs resulted in a move north of the city where the artists set up a country studio in Grey County.  In 1997 after completing a MA degree at U of Toronto the couple moved to a new country studio in Oro-Medonte ON near Barrie where they continue to work.

Marchessault's work has developed over the years from representational through abstraction to a blend of approaches displayed in exhibitions nationally and internationally.  Galleries in both Canada and the US represent him, showing his work regularly.  Marchessault paintings are widely collected with hundreds of works in both corporate and private collections.



Solo Exhibitions

2024, Bau-Xi Galleries, Toronto (Sept)

2023, Foster White Galleries, Seattle

2023, The Marshall Gallery, Scottsdale AZ

2022, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto 

2021, Foster White Galleries, Seattle

2020, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver and Toronto

2019, Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal

2018, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto 

2018, Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal

2018, McLarry Fine Art, Santa Fe NM

2018, Foster White Galleries, Seattle

2018, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto

2016, Foster White Galleries, Seattle

2016, Littlejohn Contemporary, Chelsea, NY

2016, McLarry Fine Art, (Featured Artist) Santa Fe NM

2015, Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal

2015, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto

2014, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver

2014, Foster White Galleries, Seattle

2013, Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal

2013, Wallack Galleries, Ottawa, ON

2013, Bau-Xi Galleries, Toronto

2012, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver 

2012, Gallerie DeBellefeille, Montreal

2011, McLarry Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

2011, Tanner Hill Gallery, Chattanooga, TN

2010, Bau-Xi Galleries, Toronto

2010, Gallerie DeBellefeille, Montreal

2010, Tanner Hill Galleries, Atlanta, GA

2010, McLarry Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

2009, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto

2009, Foster White Galleries, Seattle

2009, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver

2008, Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal

2008, Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton

2008, Bau Xi Gallery, Vancouver

2007,Gallery 225, Santa Fe, NM

2007,Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal

2006, Foster White Galleries, Seattle, WA

2006, Bau Xi Gallery, Toronto

2006, Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal

2005, Vanderleelie Gallery, Edmonton

2005, Bau Xi Gallery, Vancouver

2005, Gail harvey Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2004, Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal

2004, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto

2003, Michael Gibson Gallery, London

2003, Vanderleelie Gallery, Edmonton

2003, Bau Xi, Vancouver

2003, Gail Harvey, Los Angeles

2002, Bau Xi Gallery, Toronto

2002, Gail Harvey, Los Angeles

2001, Bau Xi Gallery, Vancouver

2001, Gail Harvey Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2000, Bau Xi Gallery, Toronto

1999, Gail Harvey Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1999, Michael Gibson Gallery, London, ON

1998,97,95,94,93,92,91,90,89,88, Bau Xi Gallery, Toronto

1996, Bau Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1996, Art Gallery of Newfoundland & Labrador, St. John's, NFLD

1996, Gotlands Konstmuseum, Sweden

1995, University of Toronto, Justina Barnicke Gallery

1994, Bau Xi Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia

1991, University of Waterloo Art Gallery

1981, Concordia University Art Gallery, Montreal

1981, Burlington Cultural Centre, Burlington, ON

1981, Gallery Brant, Oakville, ON

1979,80,81,82,83,84,85,86, Gadatsy Gallery, Toronto

Grants & Scholarships

2000, Canada Council, Travel Grant

1999, Ontario Arts Council, Mid-Career Individual $5K Grant

1999, Artist in residence - Joshua Tree Ntl. Park, CA

1997, Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance Grant

1995. Ontario Arts Council $5000 Visual Arts Grant

1995, Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance Grant

1994, Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance Grant

1993, Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance Grant

1993, Swedish Institute, Exhibition Assistance Grant with Åsa Kedja Ardin

1992, Brucebo Foundation, Sweden, Exhibition Funding

1990, Canadian Scandinavian Foundation, Brucebo Scholarship

1981, 87, 90, Ontario Arts Council, Materials Assistance Grants

1978, Elizabeth T. Greenshields, Painting Grant

Cinema & TV

Selected list.  Marchessault paintings are in many movies and TV shows, including the following :

Always Be My Maybe, (2019). Production company‎: ‎Good Universe. American romantic comedy film, written by Ali Wong, Randall Park and Michael Golamco and directed by Nahnatchka Khan.

NBC TV series Hannibal.
Gendel Bay 20x60", oil/panel, was featured in Hannibal season 3.

LOVE HAPPENS, staring Jenifer Aniston and Aron Eckhart. Without spoiling the story; about mid-way through the movie the male lead character is looking behind paintings to find something.  It ends up behind a Marchessault painting.

It – Chapter Two.  an American supernatural horror film and the sequel to the 2017 film It. Both parts were adapted from the 1986 novel It by Stephen King. The film is produced by New Line Cinema, Vertigo Entertainment, and Rideback, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.  The Marchessault painting titled "Floating", 48x48" is part of the set design.

Nov. 2009. A Marchessault painting appears in  hit TV sci fi series V The Visitors. The 2008 oil on panel titled "Nuncio" (24 x 68 inches) is shown in episode two in the the living room of Morris Chestnut played by Ryan Nichols.

A Marchessault painting titled "Kalkasa" is part of the set design for some of the opening scenes in the movie "The Big Year", 2011, starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black

Catalogues for sale


Marchessault exhibition catalogues may be purchased as print on demand from BLURB.

In Print

•  Two South Granville Exhibitions to Check Out ASAP! July 2020,

"Sometimes the architecture is built to accent the artwork",By CAROLA VYHNAK, Special to the Toronto Star,Thu., Oct. 18, 2018, Life & Homes section

SADA, Feb 2020, Foster White Group Show, page 4 

Spotlight: Robert Marchessault, Banter Magazine online , Available Nov 29, 2018 at

•2018, The Lorax Dreams, Carmen Victor, Blurb, ISBN 978-0-46-494661-8

•2017, The MockingBird, Ed 10, Charlottesville VA, pg. 4.

•2017, Roberta on the Arts, In The Galleries - West Chelsea, NY, available August 3 2017
•2016, The Brain Project, Commemorative Catalogue, pg. 61, The Baycrest Foundation publications
•2014, Green Art: Trees Leaves and Roots, by E. Ashley Rooney and Margery Goldberg, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 232 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0764345487
•2014, El Palacio, Winter 2013, Vol. 118/No.4, pg. 5, Hunter Kirkland Contemporary.
•2012, Galleries West Magazine, Spring 2012 Issue, pg. 52, A Passion For Trees, By Janet Nichols. 

•2012, Creative Wonder: International Art Blog, Judy Felker, available June 11
•2011, Tree Time, by Ann Corr, available Feb. 19, 2013 at
•2011, Globe & Mail, Focus Section, Aug. 13, (Marchessault's art is described on pg. 3), Into the woods: The enduring power of trees, By Sarah Hampson.  
• 2011, Unite With Art, Catalogue for, Robert Marchessault, page 33.
•2010, My World: A Visit With Kent Lovelace. By Bonnie Gangelhoff, Southwest Art Magazine, April 2010, pg. 65 (in reference to artists admired by Lovelace).
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•2008, Unite With Art, Catalogue for, Robert Marchessault, page 55.
•2008, Hozho, Marchessault Solo Exhibition Catalogue, Published by Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal. ISBN 978-2-922173-84-0 
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•2004, Robert Marchessault - New Paintings, Exhibition Catalogue, Published by Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal. ISBN 2-922173-26-7
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•2003, Edmonton Journal, July 18, 2003, page E6, The Visual Arts, Marchessault lets viewer fill in details, by Gilbert A. Bouchard
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•2003, Scene Magazine, April 17, 2003, pg. 24, Stillness prevails at Michael Gibson Gallery, by Tess Parkinson
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•1979, Concordia University Magazine, Sept. '79, "Toronto's Easle Belt" by Eric Johnson


1978 - BFA Concordia University

1997 - MA University of Toronto



Bau Xi Gallery, Toronto & Vancouver

Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal

Foster White Galleries, Seattle

McLarry Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

Marshall Gallery of Fine Art, Scottsdale AZ

Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB

Wallack Galleries, Ottawa, ON


Selected Collections

Bank of Montreal

Power Corp, Montreal QC

Sprott Asset Management, Toronto

BCE Inc.

Marylin Dennis, Toronto 

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP

Deloitte LLP

Dentons Canada LLP

Ernst & Young LLP

Esso Resources Canada Ltd.

Frankin Templeton Investments Canada

Hudson's Bay Company

Imperial Oil Limited

Invesco Canada Ltd.

Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Minto Group Inc.

Nissan Canada Inc.


Postmedia Network Inc.

RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

The Canada Life Assurance Company

The Granite Club, Toronto

The Royal Bank of Canada

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc.

TransAlta Corporation

Xerox Canada Ltd.

The Omni Hotel, Dallas TX

Other Collections

McGill University

Canada Council, Art Bank

Hart House, University of Toronto

University of Montreal

CBC Toronto

Mclaren Art Centre, Barrie, ON

The Irving Collection, Halifax

Power Corp, Montreal


Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie, ON

Child Development Institute

SDVA, Georgian College, Canada

Frazer Miller Casgrai

Lannick Associates

Logix Solutions

Parkland Corp, Montreal

The Financial Post

Princess Margaret Hospital

McLean Hunter

Morgan Bay Capital Toronto

London Drugs

B&R Club of Toronto

Deloite Haskins & Sels

Fraser, Milner, Casgrain - Ottawa

Big Street Films - Los Angeles

Great Circle Solar Management - Toronto

Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery

Superior Propane

Hewlett Packard

Brucebo Foundation, Sweden

Dept. of Foreign Affairs Canada

Bell Canada

Whistler Resorts

Barometer Capital Management

Trimark Funds Inc.

Random Access Multimedia - Toronto

KSSS Holdings, Vancouver

Ascona Management Inc.

Esso Resources

Sun Life

Lee Co.

Canada Packers

Granit Club, Toronto

Ontario Medical Association

General Electric, Canada

MDS Laboratories

Dean Witter, New York

Ward Beck

Hotel Inter-Continental

Marathon Realty Co. Ltd.


Attorney General, WA State



20th Century Fox

Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery

Templeton Management

Gerling Global Life Ins. Co.

Windrush Corp.

LYV Steel, Cleveland

Canada Life Assurance Co.

Catalysis Group

Adalstein Brown

TRCF Productions

Lee, Bukrhart & Liu Architects, Santa Monica

Big Firm II Productions Ltd

The Summit Maritime Corporation of Montreal

RBC Financial Group

Integrated Captial, Los Angles, CA

+ 100s of private collections

Selected Group Exhibitions

2024, LOOK, Calgary Contemporary

2023, ART TORONTO, booth C45 Bau-Xi Galleries

2023, Three Person Show, Wallace Galleries, Calgary

2023, Elements: Water, Foster White Galleries, Seattle WA

2021, ART TORONTO, Bau-Xi, Galeries de Bellefeuille booths

2021, Grand Opening Exhibition, Marshall Fine Art, Atlanta

2020, Foster/White, Seattle, Elements - Earth

2020, The Tree of Life, Marshall Galleries, Scottsdale AZ

2020, Summer Soltice, Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB

2020, ART CARES, Bau Xi Gallery, Toronto

2020, A Thousand Words, Mason Fine Art, Atlanta GA

2020, Leap of Faith, Be Contemporary Gallery, Stroud, ON

2020, 20 Artists - New Work, Foster White Galleries, Seattle

2019, New Works, Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB

2019, Footprints in Time, Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, ON, Curated by Katharine Lochnan, Senior Curator Emeritus, Art Gallery of Ontario, and Artist Louise Moore

2019, Art Toronto, Booth C15 Bau Xi Galleries Toronto

2018, ART Miami, Booth AM232, 1 Herald Plaza, Miami FL

2018, Deeper Shade of Blue, Bau-Xi Galleries, Vancouver

2018, Method, Bau-Xi Galleries, Toronto

2018, Resolution, Foster White Galleries, Seattle, WA

2017, Clouds, Mason Fine Art, Atlanta, GA

2017, 30 Years, Wallace Galleries, Calgary, AB

2017, Group Exhibition at Littlejohn Contemporary NY

2017, ARTEXPO NY, at Mason Fine Art, Atlanta, booth 177

2016, The Brain Project, Toronto, installation at High Park Pavillion, & Yorkdale Mall

2016, From Forest, Sea and Sky, Bau-Xi Galleries Vancouver BC, Nov.

2016, Director's Selection, Litlejohn Contemporary, New York

2016, Art Toronto, Toronto International Art Fair, (Bau-Xi Booth & Gallerie de Bellefeuille Booth)

2016, Littlejohn Contemporary, (Gallery A), January, at Chelsea NY & Februrary at New Canaan CT

2016, Landscapes, Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal

2016, Mason Fine Art, Atlanta, GA

2016, ART Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, FL, (Gallerie de Bellefeuille Booth)

2015, Art Plam Beach, West Palm Beach, FL, (Gallerie de Bellefeuille Booth)

2014, Art Toronto, Toronto International Art Fair, (Bau-Xi Booth & Gallerie de Bellefeuille Booth)

2014, Hunter Kirkland Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM. various group shows

2013, Art Toronto, Toronto International Art Fair, (Bau-Xi Booth & Gallerie de Bellefeuille Booth)

2013, Texas Contemporary Art Fair, Oct 10-13, Tanner Hill Gallery booth.

2013, ART 13 LONDON, UK, Rebecca Hossack Galleries booth.

2013, AAF, Affrordable Art Fairs, UK & USA, Rebecca Hossack Galleries booth.

2013, artMRKT 2013, San Francisco, CA, Tanner Hill Gallery booth.

2012, Found in Translation: Highlights from the Permanent Collection, McLaren Art Centre, Barrie, ON, curated by Jennifer Withrow.

2012, Toronto International Art Fair, (Bau-Xi Booth & Gallerie de Bellefeuille Booth)

2011, Dallas Art Fair,  TX (Tanner Hill Galleries Booth)

2011, Robert Marchessault - featured artist Nov-Dec, Tanner Hill Galleries, Chattanooga, TN

2011, Houston Art Fair, TX (Tanner Hill Galleries Booth)

2011, Art Chicago, (Tanner Hill Galleries Booth)

2011, Stewart Galleries, Boise, ID

2011, Tanner Hill Galleries, Chattanooga, TN

2011, Visons from the East, Cumberland Galleries, Nashville, TN

2010, Toronto International Art Fair, Canada (Bau-Xi Galleries & De Bellefeuille Booths)

2010, Unite with Art, Maynard's Auction House, Vancouver, BC

2009, Arboreal, Durham Public Art Gallery, Durham, ON

2009, Art With Heart, Casey House, Toronto

2009, Nature, Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal

2008, Big Canvas, Wallace Galleries, Calgary Alberta

2008, Art with Heart, Casey House, Toronto

2007, Art 2007, Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal

2007, Art With Heart, Casey House, Toronto

2007, The Art of Nature, (in conjunction with the Green Living Show) Ap. 27-29, Exhibition Place, Toronto

2007, Josef Bernhard & Robert Marchessault, 2 Person Show, Gail Harvey Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2006,, Art 2006, Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal

2006, Toronto International Art Fair

2005, Re-presenting Representation VII, Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, New York

2005, Art Chicago 2005, Chicago, IL

2005, Art 2005, Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal

2004, Art 2004, Gallerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal

2004, Toronto International Art Fair

2003, Toronto International Art Fair

2003, PASTA Group Exhibition, Palm Springs CA, Merrill Lynch Buiulding.

2003, The Artist Voice in Landscape - Group Show at McLarry Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM,
Else Chapman, Donna Clair, Joyce Dant, Linda Glover Gooch, Peter Hagen, Robert Marchessault

2002, Toronto International Art Fair

2001, Social Consciousness in Canadian Art, J.M. Barnicke Art Gallery , U of Toronto

2001, Inspiration From A Desert: Three Painters In The Mojave, Jane Culp * Robert Marchessault * Terry Millikan
Desert Museum, Palm Springs, CA Sept 1 - Nov 11

2001, A Room With A View, Michael Gibson, London, ON

2001, Toronto International Art Fair

2000, Faculty Exhibition - Georgian College, Helen and Arch Brown Centre for the Arts,

2000, 2000 Bugs, Bau Xi allery, Toronto

1998, Faculty Exhibition - Georgian College, Helen and Arch Brown Centre for the Arts,

1998, Working Drawings, Finished Works, Bau Xi Gallery Toronto

1997, Georgian College Design & Visual Arts Faculty Exhibit, McLaren Art Centre

1997, Lumieres de Paris, Toronto

1996, Destinations, Bau Xi Gallery, Vancouver

1996, Oh! Canada, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

1995, Contemporary Landscapes, Tom Thomson Memorial Gallery

1995, Hawksbridge & Marchessault, Tom Thomson Memorial Gallery

1993, Kanada - Gotland '93, Gotland's Konstmuseum, Sweden

1993, Landscape Painters, Bau Xi Gallery, Toronto

1992, Facutly Exhibition, Georgian College School of Design & Visual Arts, Owen Sound & Barrie, ON

1992, Two Escarpments, Tom Thomson Memorial Gallery, Owen Sound, ON & FGK Gallery & Gotland's Konstmuseum Sweden

1992, Canadian Artists At Brucebo, Gotland's Konstmuseum

1991, Political Landscapes No. 2, Sacred & Secular Sites, Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery & The Ojibway Cultural Centre at Manitoulin Island

1991, Red, White and Black, Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, Owen Sound, ON

1991, Urban Refugees, The John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto & The Durham Art Gallery, Durham ON.

1990, Artists And The Environment, A.G.O. Rental Gallery

1990, ViewPoints, MacDonald Stewart Gallery, Guelph, ON

1990, Notes From Eden, Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery

1989, Political Landscapes, No. 1, Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery & The Royal Canadian Academy, Toronto

1988, Landscapes On Paper, Gadasty Gallery, Toronto

1987, Flowers, Gadatsy Gallery, Toronto

1986, Hagan, Hartman, Cullen & Marchessault, Gadasty Gallery

1984, 83, Faculty Exhibitions, Georgian College, Barrie

1982, Faculty Exhibition, Sherdian College, Oakville, ON

1982, Group Of Painters, Gallery Stratford, Stratford, ON

1982, Group Painting Show, Robert McLauglin Art Gallery, Oshawa, ON

1979, Cullen & Marchessault, Gairloch Gallery, Oakville, ON

1978, 79, Juried Group Exhibition, Burlington Cultural Centre

1978, CONSTAT, Musè du Quèbec, Ville de Quèbec

1978, Four Person Exhibition, Concordia University Art Gallery

Robert Marchessault portrait

Robert Marchessault, 2019


Robert Marchessault and Teresa Cullen, circa 1980-81 in their Toronto studios.  The couple rented industrial warehouse space near the corner of King St W and Dufferin before rising rents encouraged them to build their own studio building north of the city.  

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