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Mesa 46:x48", oil/acrylic on canvas. available at Bau Xi Gallery Toronto

"Never was the image of a single tree capable of conveying a whole story, as if every one had a personality, and occupied its space in a special mood. Loneliness, suffering, pride, repose.
Ben Pastor 2019, in a letter to the painter (Pastor is the author of the Martin Bora novels, Martin Quigley Publisher)

Robert Marchessault is a Canadian painter focused on trees.  Much of his work for the past 35 years has been devoted to tree forms and their symbolic meanings.  Whether as individual trees or as groupings in a landscape, his unmistakable style finds ways to move viewers aesthetically and emotionally. An underlying passion for ecological responsibility prompts his art.  A tree is universally understood as a metaphor for life; in Marchessault's hands the more subtle and introspective aspects are explored. 


Marchessault is represented by top galleries in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Santa Fe NM, Scottsdale AZ, Calgary AB, and Ottawa ON.

Exhibition catalog available now "Writing on the Sky".

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