Art Toronto 2017

I'm sorry to have missed Art Toronto this year. I enjoy seeing what's new. The good news is that one of my newest paintings, in which I have been creating more abstracted backgrounds, sold at the Bau Xi Galleries booth! This is encouraging because I'm hoping my collectors will like the changes I'm bringing to my tree paintings.

Traveling in the Southwest

From October 11 to November 25 I will be traveling in New Mexico and Arizona. I love the trees in this region. I'll be studying and drawing their structures and forms.

Mat is back!

A few months ago I asked one of my gallery directors if he thought I should try adding a glossy resin coating to my paintings. He emphatically told me "I hate that stuff"! Turns out he contacted the main chemist at Grumbacher Artist Paints who told him that no matter what anyone claims, resin turns yellow very quickly. It also has other distressing properties that make for problems over time. Ultimately, collectors are often contacting the gallery asking why their painting doesn't look the same. Returned art required exchanges or refunds. I was glad to hear about the technical issues. But my own thoughts are aesthetic. It appears that clients often make superficial judgments about quality ba


New landscape work showing at the Mason Fine Art booth 177. Marchessault has been showing with the Atlanta-based gallery since 2014.

Marchessault on ARTSY

You can purchase paintings by Robert Marchessault on ARTSY. Commercial galleries that represent the artist sell his paintings on the very popular sales site. #artadvisor #painting #tree #artconsultant #Marchessault #artsyMarchessault

New work at Art Toronto 2017

Marchessault will be showing recent work at the Bau Xi Galleries booth at ART Toronto. The new paintings are a departure from earlier tree paintings. A much more painterly fresh surface now integrates tree form with colour and atmosphere. Distinct horizons and distant landscape features are played down or eliminated entirely. Trees still form the subject of interest, but without the landscape's receding horizons viewers gain a different sense of how Marchessault sees the structure of trees. The use of bolder colours/textures now accentuates the emotional impact. #Marchessault #arttoronto #bauxi #tree #painting #art #artadvisor #artconsultant

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